Welcome to Bright Junior School

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Mr. Mugoya Livingstone – Head Teacher

I warmly welcome you to Bright Junior School. Bright Junior School started in 2004 basically to act as a centre for quality but affordable education.
Owing to its belief that; “Knowledge is an asset”, coupled with its relaxed, cool, secure and learner-friendly environment, the school has become a home away from the real learners’ home.
A lot of attention is paid to meaningful and practical classroom instruction, co-curricular activities, effective children’s welfare, timely involvement of all stakeholders focusing on the development of a “whole person”.

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For the years the school has been in existence, its performance has irresistibly spoken volumes. We have always been ranked among the top-five best performing schools in Kampala city and top 30 best performing schools in the whole country and our children have not only joined but also performed excellently in the country’s top most traditional secondary schools.
Your; inquiries, visit to and partnership with the school will highly and undoubtedly benefit from the always professional staff, hospitable pupil population and well conserved school environment.God bless you as you interact with us.


UNEB P.L.E RESULTS FOR 2018 CANDIDATES Please check out how our candidates for the year 2018 passed Click here to...
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