Maintaining the highest standard of Academic performance, Self confidence and perfect Discipline.


To become a centre for raising creative, all round, God fearing and acceptable citizens for this ever changing and competitive world.

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Mr. Mugoya Livingstone

I warmly welcome you to Bright Junior School. Bright Junior School started in 2004 basically to act as a centre for quality but affordable education. Owing to its belief that; “Knowledge is an asset”, coupled with its relaxed, cool, secure, and learner-friendly environment, the school has become a home away from the real learners’ home. A lot of attention is paid to meaningful and practical classroom instruction, co-curricular activities, effective children’s welfare, timely involvement of all stakeholders focusing on the development of a “whole person”.


Vacancies available until end of February! Unlock your child's potential at Bright Junior School Makerere. Registration is ongoing.
Contact us at 0702413770 or visit http://brightjuniormakerere.com/contact-us/ to secure their spot. #BrightJuniorSchoolMakerere #schoolsinuganda #education

Are you looking for a supportive and nurturing learning environment for your child? Enroll your child at Bright Junior School Makerere where Knowledge is an Asset. Vacancies are still available until end of February. Call 0702413770.

We are still celebrating the remarkable performance of our pupils in the Primary Leaving Examinations 2023! Your success is a testament to your dedication and hard work. Vacancies are available, enroll your child now. Call 0702413770.

#BrightJuniorSchoolMakerere #PLE2023

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