Boarding facilities

We cater for both day and boarding pupils. we boast of the best boarding facilities around the city with a boarding  license from KCCA. We also have specious and well organized dormitories with Matrons who take good care of our pupils


Our pupils are served with a balanced diet on a daily basis. Meals include; Early morning tea, Break tea, Lunch and Supper.

Tea with Bread or Eggs
Break TeaMilk Tea with Bread
LunchMatooke, Posho, Rice, Irish, Sweet potatoes, G.nuts
Beans and Meat
SupperMatooke, Posho, Rice, Irish, Sweet potatoes, G.nuts
Beans and Meat


Good health and hygiene is priority. We have  a well qualified and Certified Nurse who is always available to take care of any health issue presented by our pupils at all times.

Sick Bay


The school owns shuttles/ Buses to transport pupils coming from distant places. Parents are encouraged to kindly contact the school administration for further details.



Pupils of all religions are catered for and all the denominations have particular days for prayers and guidance from people qualified to do so.